Monday, August 30, 2010


so i realize that i never update this thing and at the moment set your goals (my band) is home for another month. this leaves me lots of free time to potentially update the blog (or, in my case, think about updating the blog without making any actual progress). you're probably wondering why i'm telling you this... WELL, i get messages on twitter and comments on here telling me i should update more regularly and i want to let the few people (if any) who do still check this thing from time to time know that this blog has been in limbo for quite some time now because the next entry i was hoping to make relied heavily on an oral history that never came and likely never will; which brings me to my next point: in the off chance i do get to sit down and talk with the subject of my hypothetical follow-up to my "XDOWNSHIFTX/SWORN VENGEANCE" entry, it will most likely be filmed. while i could sit down and transcribe the entire interaction, simply posting a link to the video itself would be more "hip with the times" or whatever. even as i write it, this entry feels like it's growing way too lengthy to keep the average joe's attention. c'mon, matt! nobody reads anymore! youtube is the new library!

...what i'm trying to say is that in the event that i do get off my ass and start updating this thing again, it's going to be primarily a video-based blog. guess it's time i make like a computer and get with the program!

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  1. Please come across a video of one of their Weapon Shows. Just saying.