Friday, January 23, 2009

welcome to my music blog! - UNDYING

hello everyone!

i've decided to make a blog dedicated solely to sharing my knowledge of music with the world since the topic of music alone would take up way too much space in my regular blog were i to combine it with the other topics of my day-to-day life. i've also decided not to capitalize anything in this blog because i am lazy. i've also realized in the past minute and a half of writing this that in reality only about two people will end up reading this thing anyway but my hope is that i'll have enough cool stuff on here that people will be able to find it should they look for it via google blog search or what have you. for those who don't know, google blog search is a great way to find almost any song or record you've ever wanted. just go to and under the "more" search options link at the top of the page (i.e. web, images, maps, news...), simply scroll down to blogs. what it does is it searches only blogs and the reason it rules is because it's becoming popular to upload songs or even entire albums via rapidshare, megaupload, yousendit, mediafire, etc. and post the link on a blog for the world to enjoy. i realize this contributes to file sharing and pirating music and therefore screws over people like me who make their living off of music but it's still pretty cool and nothing is going to stop it anyway. besides, i've never seen a dime of royalty money and probably never will anyway, so who cares! i probably won't be uploading too many whole discographies or stuff that's still in print or anything like that on here because (thanks to google blog search), most stuff you can find if you look around. i plan on sticking to the more obscure and hard to find stuff that i've acquired over the years.

that being said, i'd like to move on to a band known as undying.
undying were a vegan "drug free" (edit) metalcore group from raleigh, NC, who broke up a few years ago, influenced greatly by the writings of daniel quinn and the musical stylings of bands like my dying bride and day of suffering, adding their own hardcore/thrash twist. if you wish to learn more about their music and what they were about, you can check out their myspace here. it took me a couple years to come around to this band at first but they have long since one of my favorites of the genre. every year there are less and less bands with a message and they were one of the last great ones. sucks they're gone now but you can relive the experience here thanks to teh internetz! here we have their live set from hellfest in 2001:
Undying - "Hellfest 2001"

i didn't record this but this was one of the many times i saw undying live. the quality isn't the best but it's not the worst either. you can tell what's going on and it's not half bad considering it's live and there were probably like 2,000 kids knocking into whoever recorded it regardless of where they were standing hahaha

undying released "this day all gods die" in 1999, and "the whispered lies of angels" in 2000. if anyone would like either of these records, leave a comment on this post and i'll post an upload link. this is a demo track that was circulated online prior to the release of their final record, "at history's end" in 2003. undying broke up in april of 2006.

if you'd like me to send/upload material from an artist, just contact me or leave a comment requesting the record(s) you want and i'll upload the link or send you the files.

that's all for now, kiddos... enjoy!


  1. Contrary to popular belief, Undying weren't a straight edge band. They sure were incredible though, and I had a serious bum out when they broke up. The circumstances under which they called it quits were lame too.

  2. Yeah they weren't an edge band because I remember the drummer smoking cigarettes outside this dojo they played in the suburbs here. I saw them a lot and they were always great. I lost interest though once they changed singers.

  3. ahh i had no idea! is this the same guy who drummed for BTBAM on the first record? i heard something about how either undying or prayer had a drummer who smoked, and that's why they called their band "drug free" but never labeled their band as edge.

  4. It might be the same guy who played drums for BTBAM, but I do know that one or two of the dudes from PFC were in BTBAM for sure.

  5. I also heard one of the original drummers played in Day Of Suffering, but I could be wrong. Yeah, most def not an edge band, but truely a great band to say the least. Also, they got a guitarist later who played in Wings Of Scarlet from Milwaukee. Now those guys or at least the singer are in a band called Shit Outta Luck.

  6. Do you have any Harvest by any chance? I've been looking for some for a while.