Wednesday, March 18, 2009


in the mid 90's i used to see built to last play at the danville grange (RIP) when they'd drive up from san diego for shows, usually with their "brotherhood crew" mates, forced life (who were a much more brutal band featuring tommy engler who went on to form dodgin' bullets, and a very scary looking tall dude whose name i don't know). built to last are straight forward hardcore and from what i know they're still doing their thing. you can check out their myspace here. members went on to form indecision records band over my dead body and boxcar racer. i remember meeting them a few times and they were a nice bunch of dudes. vocalist burt manages the music trader record store in san diego. my favorite record by them by far is still "loyalty and betrayal" which was released on resurrection AD. a great straightforward fast hardcore record with catchy choruses, lots of gang vocals, and tough breakdowns, this became an instant staple for me. at the end of the record they cover "new direction" by gorilla biscuits and the secret track "it's on fire" was commonly requested at shows. i used to bump this all the time in high school though it's now way out of print. luckily for you, i've uploaded it here:
Built To Last - "Loyalty and Betrayal"

i had the unreleased forced life record at one point as well but i guess i lost it. oh well. if i find it i'll edit the post later and add a link to that too.
EDIT: i still haven't been able to track down that record but here's the song they put on the california hardcore comp that nick martinson put out:
Forced Life - "Strength by Sanity"


  1. built to last was cool, but forced life was the shit! i used to have both demo's and the unreleased record, but now i only have the breakout comp song (so hard though). if you ever get around to posting those other recordings it would be much appreciated!

    grange hall r.i.p.

  2. HA! Remember Towards an End? If you ever find that Forced Life, dude, I would love to hear it again. I remember Revenant covering one of their songs. Good luck and have fun on tour.

  3. Hey, you wouldn't be able to re-up the Built To Last link would you? It's not working.

  4. Sorry for the multiples, I uploaded everything from Towards an End if you wanted it along with a bunch of Sworn Vengeance.

    Check it.

  5. your blog rules! i've fixed the built to last link if you wanna have another go at it. thanks for reading!

  6. Now if you can only find the Forced Life recordings.